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Product Details

The SAI 340 Quattro is a Four-In-One standby instrument that gives you precision Airspeed,
Attitude, Altitude and Slip indications, all in an easy to read EFIS presentation. The Quattro can
serve as a cost effective replacement for steam-gauge standby instruments in retrofit EFIS equipped aircraft, providing for a more consistent user interface during emergency operations. It
can also be an excellent safety enhancing addition to your traditional six pack panel.


With its built-in battery, the SAI 340 Quattro provides up to 2 hours of stand alone operation,
ensuring an unprecedented level of redundancy. Yet it weighs in at a scant 1/2 pounds – less that
a typical airspeed indicator.


The fully TSO’d display fits directly into a standard round 3” instrument hole with no panel
modification, making it a near drop-in installation. Stunning air-transport quality graphics
provide amazingly smooth, fluid motion, making the SAI 340 an investment to be proud of – and at a price that won’t break the bank.