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Product Details

Applicable to all Aircraft types: Transport Aircraft, Business Jet Aircraft, General Aviation, Helicopters.

Dual Antenna: Blade Type (1.0 Mach) or Rod Type (350 Knots) or Whip Type (300 Knots) and Portable Hand Use.

Ultra Long Lasting, up to 78 hours @-20 deg C, @ End of 5 yrs useful life time. Lithium Battery Package, Li MnO2 or Li SO2, 4 D-Size Cells.

Accuracy: 1 to 2 kilometers

Reliable sealed G Switch, for dependable safety.

Optional Multi Axes (5 Axes) G Switch for Helicopters

Simple Installation. All accessories include Pre-fabricated Wiring Harness Assy, Remote Control Panel, Audible Warn Buzzer , Coaxial Cable Assy, and Universal Mounting Tray.

Coding Programming Worldwide, all available ELT Protocols, i.e. Long Messages and Short Messages (Location Protocol; User Location Protocol; User Protocol)

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